KOMMA #6 - performance 'Moving'
comment on 'Summer Residency Tyna Adobewale' 
14-15.08 2021


During Tyna Adebowale's residency, three KOMMA activities take place; three artists react to Adebowale's work or enter into a dialogue with her and develop a new work. Nick J. Swarth is one of them.

The title of the performance is MOVING. Finding out where you stand in the jungle of your orientation is a journey of discovery for everyone. Especially in countries where everything that deviates from the heteronorm is condemned and placed in a bad light. Poet/performer Nick J. Swarth, violinist Max Swagemakers and visual artist Tyna Adebowale are on the move. 'Moving' also means: something that touches a person. To get moving, you have to stop every now and then. Stand still and remember what lies behind you. And move from there. MOVING is a short journey through a long, turbulent and emotional history.

Nick performed together with Max and Tyna on Saturday August 14 and Sunday August 15. Look down here or click here for a video impression.

Photo Florian Cramer