In 2017, PARK launched an Artist-in-Residence Programme (AiR). During the summer months, an artist is given the opportunity to do a Summer Residency in PARK's space. 

From 2021 to 2024, these summer residencies have been given the specific context of the diaspora. PARK facilitates artists whose works refer to the impact of the diaspora, reflecting on Dutch colonial heritage. PARK aims to contribute to making visible the complex international Dutch history and its role in the diaspora. 

At a time when legal populism puts the identity of its own people first, it is necessary to highlight the historical perspective. The global drive for expansion, imperialism, wars and exploitation are partly to blame for migratory flows, which are high on the political agenda and seen by populism and extremism as a violation of one's own culture.

From 2025, PARK aims to create an ongoing residency venue for artists. This Artist-in-Residence programme offers four artists each year the opportunity to work on their artistic practice, develop new ideas or start a research project for three months. Through a public call, artists are invited to submit their plans. Participating artists are encouraged to work within the themes of 'In Twine'. These themes will be communicated prior in the call and can serve as the basis for the artistic research.

The studio space of almost 40 m2 with good natural light has a kitchenette and its own access. Participants have 24/7 access to this room next to the main PARK room, where they can develop their artistic practice and realise their ideas. At the end of the residency period, a small presentation showing the results of the AiR can be organised in the studio space. This event offers the artist the chance to expand their audience and receive feedback.

With this plan, PARK hopes to offer artists the space to experiment, create and grow in their artistic practice, while contributing to the wider art discourse and community of PARK.