PARK evening
13.12 2018 

Jacqueline Hamelink (NL)


Just as a piece of wood is the most important part -the soul- of a cello, Jacqueline Hamelink (cellist/performer) is the spirit, the driving force of Sounding Bodies. To play cello is to search for the soul of the instrument. A search for her own soul, for her feelings and for the story she wants to convey. A search for the soul of the makers with whom she collaborates. A search for the soul of the audience that she wants to touch. This evening, Hamelink will inspire her performance on the works in the exhibition Fields of Joy.

Sounding Bodies
Starting from contemporary music theatre, Sounding Bodies moves on and between the boundaries of music, dance, theatre and visual art. By merging different art disciplines, each time an individual language and tone develops. With sincere performances that touch people deep inside and take them to worlds that they do not yet know, Sounding Bodies is looking for an engaged relationship with its audience. The cello functions as the voice of the soul, inviting us all to look beyond our differences.

For € 5.00 (including 1 drink) you can attend this performance.
PARK is open that evening from 7.30pm. If you want to register for this please send an e-mail before December 12 stating 'reservation December 13' to