maria hemels blauw

maria hemels blauw

04.10 2014 - 16.11 2014

Atelier Artenzo (NL)
Niels Broszat (DE/NL)
Pavèl van Houten (NL)
Claudy Jongstra (NL)
Jorn van Leeuwen (NL)
Marc Mulders (NL)
Olphaert den Otter (NL)
Josine Timmer (NL)
Reinoud van Vught (NL)


The blue of the veil and the panorama; the haze lying over the fields is like a dividing line between heaven and earth, between reality and imagination. The blue whispers, the blue heals, it is a vacuum, and yet touchable. Marc Mulders

The show Maria Hemels Blauw (Mary Heavenly Blue) is curated by Marc Mulders in cooperation with PARK and Foundation Gilde van Onze Lieve Vrouw ter Nood, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the chapel OLV ter Nood in Tilburg.

In that context, the foundation organizes more activities concerning Mary in modern times. In the Duvelhok history and modern tradition will be outlined, in particular regarding the worshipping of Mary in Tilburg, with the title 'Maria op handen gedragen'.

The opening on Saturday 4 Oktober 4 is performed by The King's Commissioner Wim van de Donk.