PARK evening
15.11 2018 

Jan van der Ploeg (NL)


Jan van der Ploeg is one of the participants in the Fields of Joy exhibition that can be seen at PARK right now. On this evening he will give a lecture about his work. Among others, murals and site specifics that he has made worldwide will be discussed. The work of co-exhibitors Piet Dieleman and Beat Zoderer will be discussed through exhibitions that he has made with them in his art project PS projectspace in Amsterdam.

Van der Ploeg (1959) likes to work with an organized and recognizable graphic imagery that he has carefully built up over the course of his career. A careful process of planning and building precedes painting. Making a composition starts with the shifting of graphic forms. That is the playground of Van der Ploeg in which he finds the ultimate freedom and pleasure to always create surprising but very well balanced combinations.

For € 5.00 (including 1 drink) you can attend this lecture. Starting at 8 pm, PARK is open from 7.30 pm. If you want to register for this please send an e-mail before November 12 stating 'reservation November 15' to info@park013.nl