PARKVorst - exhibition in De NWE Vorst
24.11 2017 - 14.01 2018

Katleen Vinck


We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Scenery IV by Katleen Vinck on Friday November 24 at 5 pm in PARKVorst.

The title of this third presentation at PARKVorst echoes the essence of Katleen Vinck's fascination, but also partly her working method. From her various educations in architecture, visual arts and scenography emerges a holistic view of landscape and human intervention. Vinck interrogates this interaction with her work. The interventions that leave traces in the natural landscape are meant as a form of staging. The common theme in her oeuvre is the contradiction nature versus culture.

Thus, the archetypal bunkers constructed by man are not far from the caves created in nature, which served as primary forms of protection. The three-dimensional objects featured at PARKVorst are Vinck's materialized thinking models.

De NWE Vorst is a theater that focuses on the performing arts and PARK is a space that focuses on contemporary visual art. We join forces in realizing the new initiative PARKVorst with presentations of art in De NWE Vorst. We focus on artists who are at the boundery of the visual arts and the performing arts. That may be installations or artwork with an element of time or a performative element.

Open Tue/Fri between 10 am and 5 pm and in the evenings and weekends 2 hours before and 1 hour after the end of a theater performance.

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