25.03 2018 - 06.05 2018

Hadassah Emmerich (NL)
Nadia Naveau (BE)


Islands in the Stream is a duo presentation of the work of Hadassah Emmerich (NL/BE) and Nadia Naveau (BE) compiled by Rob Moonen. Both artists use a visual language that contains both abstract and figurative elements. With Emmerich this leads to 'expanded painting' and with Naveau to complex baroque sculptures and installations. While Emmerich refers in her work to exoticism and identity, Naveau reflects on art history but equally on contemporary pop culture.

In Hadassah Emmerich's paintings, works on paper and painting installations, she interweaves various themes such as identity and the body, representations of 'the exotic' and the dialogue between abstraction and figuration. She selects material from, among other things, vintage photography books, texts, advertisements and art historical reference books, which is then forged into a new composition by means of a photomontage process.

Nadia Naveau uses a wide range of materials such as clay, ceramics, wood, plaster, plasticine and found objects and transforms them into small and large sculptures that stand between tradition and contemporary wilfulness. This combination can be seen in the way she kneads her materials and in her collage-like composition of art historical references and popular media.

The opening on Saturday March 24 is performed by visual artist Rob Scholte.


In the media: