A.H.J. Dautzenberg
26.05 2022


Writer and cinephile A.H.J. Dautzenberg was invited to visit the exhibition 'Uit De Diepten' and to think about a suitable film. He was enthusiastic about the presentation and made the following choice.

Matka Joanna od Aniolów (Mother Joan of the Angels) is a 1961 film by Polish director Jerzy Kawalerowicz. In seventeenth-century Catholic Poland, a young priest arrives at a remote nunnery. The congregation is said to be possessed by the devil. It is the priest's task to deliver the nuns, and especially the Mother Superior, from Evil. Kawalerowicz shows the struggle between light and dark, between body and soul, in an impressive way. He does not use baroque visual language, but explores the theme with stillness and subtle expressionism. The camera wanders through the monastery, probes the bare spaces and observes the body language of the tormented protagonists.   

A unique opportunity to see this almost forgotten masterpiece, shot in haunting black-and-white, in large format on Ascension Day. Dautzenberg will give a short introduction and explain his choice.

Thursday May 26
PARK open 7.30 pm
start 8 pm
afterwards there is opportunity for a drink 
admission € 5