04.11 2018 - 16.12 2018

Piet Dieleman (NL)
Jan van der Ploeg (NL) 
Beat Zoderer (CH)


On November 3 the exhibition Fields of Joy opened at PARK. The opening is performed by author and curator Alex de Vries. 

The exhibition shows room-filling abstract geometric works that complement each other from a diversity in disciplines. Piet Dieleman's large series of paintings is shown next to a monumental mural that Jan van der Ploeg made onsite, and a space-filling installation by Beat Zoderer. Fields of Joy is curated by Linda Arts.

Piet Dieleman (NL-1956) shows six large paintings in this exhibition. The foundation of these paintings is laid in the year 2000, when Dieleman starts to work out the motif of the circle. The monochrome field is broken here by a grid of holes, which show an overwhelming effect of depth, translated into two dimensions on the canvas. The tension between the circles and the rectangular shape of the paintings and monotypes is strongly felt in each individual work.

Jan van der Ploeg (NL-1959) likes to work with the organized and recognizable graphic imagery that he has carefully built up throughout his career. Since 1997 he has been working with a basic form that he metaphorically calls "grip": a rectangle with rounded corners that only in his recent paintings varies slightly. Another recurring element in his work are the patterns that arise from the repetition of a form. In PARK Van der Ploeg makes a mural over the entire side of the long wall.

Beat Zoderer (CH-1955) mainly uses everyday materials for his work, which he collects from hardware stores for instance. Instead of changing them, Zoderer uses these materials by applying them in methodical structures based on repetitions or mathematical systems. During the largely spontaneous process of making, Zoderer is guided by an attempt to create order in chaos. In PARK, the artist creates a very large and central installation of sheet material.

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