De Terugkeer Van De Performance

De Terugkeer Van De Performance

two events
13.05 2018 / 15.05 2018

Toine Horvers (NL)
Anet van de Elzen (NL)


The Return Of Performance is the title of two events that PARK organizes in collaboration with Theater De NWE Vorst, in anticipation of a performance festival that will take place in mid-2019. It is also a nod to the work by René Daniels in 1987 of the same name, in which the performance of the artist is central motif . As a prelude to this festival, PARK and De NWE Vorst are already joining forces with two short events from two performance artists who have their roots in Tilburg: Anet van de Elzen and Toine Horvers.



Sunday May 13, 10 am-6 pm

Hans Stevens’ texts read by Toine Horvers at PARK

'While slowly rotating around my centre in the middle of the PARK room, I will vocalize a selection of texts by Tilburg artist and thinker Hans Stevens, who died five years ago.

Next to their content and form, Hans' texts are interesting for me as an artist because of their absolute autonomy: Hans never used the words philosophy, literature or poetry in relation to his writings, although I think they strongly do belong to all those areas. I see his texts as a sort of language-visual thinking about all sorts of aspects of life, mainly about the representation and translation of live itself. In my own work I ask myself questions about the concept of autonomy: where do my works belong, for whom should they exist? What is the role of an audience? What is success?

Although it was Hans himself who gave me permission to publicly vocalize his texts, I could look at it as undermining his free thinking, pleading for keeping all possibilities open, as summarized in his concept of AND: 'not the one OR the other, but the one AND the other is possible'

This reading is in the first place my own attempt to literally give space and time to Hans' timeless and spaceless word-constructions by vocalizing them for a day in the empty acoustic PARK hall, while slowly turning around my centre; making the words dissolve into endless abstract sounds. But if you want to concentrate on the words, be welcome to grab a chair and sit close to me.'


Free admittance
Wilhelminapark 53
50441 ED Tilburg



Tuesday May 15, 8 pm

Echo the Now, a film by Anet van de Elzen at DE NWE Vorst

The rocking chair creaks, the mouth-organ breathes, the pen scratches, dishes fall apart. Sounds give rhythm to the images. Song is heard and grows in volume. The woman sings. Her face uncovered and clean. In a trance she moves to the sound, her voice finds a climax between despair and hope – and breaks. She opens her eyes. We are in the NOW. Life passes by before one realizes, youth is only there to look back at, innocence of a child unfortunately cannot be held, if only we could hold on to the now. But we can’t. We can only echo it.

Echo the Now is a cinematic interpretation of the performances of visual artist Anet van de Elzen. Through powerful physical images she gives the audiences of her live events a concentrated, meditative experience of time. In Echo the Now she builds an associative story about beginning and end, continuity and break, youth and old age. The rich imagery is combined with a soundtrack that is led by her breath, voice and song.

A film by Anet van de Elzen
Producer: Digna Sinke / SNG Film
2017 - 63 minutes

Admittance € 5 including one drink (beer/wine/soda/tea/coffee)
Theater De NWE Vorst
Willem II Str.49
5038 BD Tilburg


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