exhibition Ricardo van Eyk
22.04 - 13.06  2021


CIVIL is a space-filling total installation by Ricardo van Eyk consisting of new work, produced during a working period of 4 weeks in PARK; the exhibition is mainly developed on site.

'Although my work is mainly concerned with painting, the fascinations from which I work cannot exclusively be expressed in the two-dimensional. (...) In all my presentations I am looking for the dialogue between work and space; it affects the choice and placement of completed works; or more far-reaching spatial interventions with walls or floor parts are designed in advance. By being able to work longer on site, I want to allow the space to have a much more direct influence on the process, and thus disrupt the regular function of the space as a background for the "work".

The stately Wilhelminapark and surrounding buildings, as well as the De Pont Museum and the Textile Museum, are a reminder of the successful textile industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The title CIVIL emphasizes two interesting elements of this environment: on the one hand, civil engineering, large construction projects in the form of the two former textile factories; on the other hand citizenship and how this part of the city organizes itself on this, for example infrastructure or parks such as the Wilhelminapark.'

CIVIL can be visited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1 - 5 pm. However, we cannot let more than 10 people in at the same time, please keep that in mind. 
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CIVIL is made possible with the support of the Amarte Fund and the Mondriaan Fund.

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In the media:
Jegens & Tevens - 20-05-2021