Drawings sale action

07.10 2017

31.12 2017

Former Mayor of Tilburg Ruud Vreeman made drawings at meetings in the Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal. They emerged as so-called doodles, scraps made seemingly thoughtless. If a drawing succeeded to some degree, he later worked it out at home and colored it.
A selection of 52 drawings are published in the volume 'Vrouwenkamer', all accompanied by eight-line poems by former city poet JACE van de Ven. The volume was presented on October 7 at PARK.
The original paintings are for sale for €75 each. Vreeman donates the proceeds from the paintings to PARK, Vreeman is board member of the PARK foundation.

Support PARK and buy a drawing. Look for the remaining copies on the website of De Burgemeester van Tilburg: