Art and Nature

table discussion

09.01 2014

Park organizes a meeting to offer substantive and deeper insight for art lovers, artists and other interested parties, related to the running exhibition 'Self-Titled Space'. Under the denominator 'Art and Nature' Geert Verbeke (director of Verbeke Foundation) and Frans Ellenbroek (director Natuurmuseum Brabant) have a table discussion.

How do nature and art relate to each other? Verbeke departs from art to nature. Ellenbroek is a biologist and writes about the evolution-biological benefits of the arts and artistry.

Thursday, January 9, 2014.
Park is
open from 7:30 pm, the conversation starts at 8 pm and takes about one and a half hour. After that, there is opportunity for a drink.
Admission is € 4, for friends this evening is free. Non-friends can become a friend for only € 15 per year.