table discussion

12.10 2017

  • Joris de Vries
  • Raymond Barion
  • Jan van der Horst
  • Frits de Coninck
Rebecca Nelemans

In the midst of the exhibition Night and Day, which shows work from the legacy of visual artist Jaap de Vries, five people who have known the artist discuss into the meaning of his work and artistry.
Joris de Vries, son of the artist
Raymond Barion, visual artist and former teacher of Jaap de Vries
Jan van der Horst, lawyer and collector
Frits de Coninck, art critic and friend of Jaap de Vries
Rebecca Nelemans, publicist, leads the conversation
In a table conversation with 5 people who knew Jaap de Vries, his artistry will be discussed. Themes that will be talked about include the violence as an intrinsic human power and threat, painting as an act of violence, the beauty of death as an integral part of life, Francis Bacon as a source of inspiration and the studio as a way of artistic thinking.
In addition, the question about how current the work of the Vries is, what context it belongs to and how to deal with a work of him in your living room or collection.
For € 5,00 (including 1 drink) you can attend this meeting, PARK is open from 7pm that night. You must sign up before October 9 via an e-mail stating 'reservation October 12' at