ParkinG - Tim Breukers

ParkinG - exhibition in Goirle

16.05 2015

19.07 2015

In collaboration with Cultural Centre Jan van Besouw in Goirle, Park realizes a program of exhibitions in the lobby of the cultural centre there. Under the name ParkinG (Park in Goirle) presentations of contemporary professional art are organized.

Every year, four presentations take place, each lasting three months. These will be solo or duo exhibitions of artists who are also included in the exhibition program of PARK. At each exhibition there is a public event, such as a lecture or an interview, in which the content of the work shown is central. Moreover Goirlese artists, students and interested art lovers can get involved in the exhibitions through excursions and discussions with the exhibitors.
In this way Park and Jan van Besouw work together to strengthen and enliven the artistic climate in Goirle in the field of visual arts.


Tim Breukers

The second ParkinG exhibition in Jan van Besouw runs from May 16 onwards. The work of Tim Breukers is shown, a young artist from Breda. He studied at the ABV in Tilburg and recently finished his studies at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Classic, technically ingenious sculpture meets humor, banality and Jurassic Park. Breukers tries to stretch the limits of traditional sculpture in a playful way, using elements from contemporary pop culture.

ParkinG in the media:

Installation view

Tim Breukers, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Breukers, 2011
A scale model replica of an anatomical theater, which plays with the "lost wax technique" in which the aluminum is cast.

Tim Breukers, The House, the UFO and the Sculpture, 2011
A work that can be seen as a spatial movie poster for an imaginary film. The title refers to the great film titled "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

Tim Breukers, Marvellous World of Minerals
This collage book is also exhibited. In it Breukers is looking for ways to free himself from the restrictions of the medium of sculpture. Ideas are given free rein on paper to mature and then they can be easily edited. Although the three-dimensional quality of a sculpture is absent at the colorful pages, the collages are fascinating experiments for his  spatial objects.